Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"How do you do?" "How do I do what?"

  I love that answer...Tonight, I will be presenting my own "how to" on blogging! Okay, so actually it's just a paragraph about how I actually do it. I mean, everyone has there own technique when it comes to blogging. Mine is more of a make it up when I begin kind of thing. I try to think about it during the day or whatever, but when I get to actually post it, it's not really appealing to me anymore. So I instantly come up with a different topic. It's quite easy because my mind is so chocked (another word for stuffed, full, over-loaded, etc. For those who don't know) with EVERYTHING! And honestly, that's why the blog posts are sometimes completely random. Because that's my MIND! :) Maybe staying on one topic is over-rated anyway...Yeah, that's my excuse. Heh-

  Anyway, today was another afternoon HOPELESSLY clicking through the channels. And then there it was. Kung Fu Panda 2! On a channel that wasn't really there. Channel...10....It's all snow-stormy and "scribbly." It's really loud too so you can't here anything. But what caught me off guard was when Tigress actually Hugged...YES...She HUGGED Po...It was...AMAZING. Hehe...

 Well, I could post a picture, but I don't know what...GOT ONE!...

  Have a great Tuesday. I Bid You Adieu ~~~

 Natsu ^_^

PS: I find it funny that the spell-check has me capitalize the letter I in Internet. That and Brave opens in 17 days!!!!

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