Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Costumes of Effie Trinket!

 Ahhh...So here are some of what Effie wore in the Hunger Games movie...


Effie is the one in the pink dress. Katniss is in the blue dress. This is Effie's Reaping outfit. IT IS SOOOO PINK. The sleeves are awesome. I just need some pink fabric...YAAAAAAAAAAAAA awesome.


This is the head and neck piece. It's super flowery and puffy and...I really don't know how I am going to pull that off. And her hair and skin have a pinkish tint. Her hair and makeup and skin all change color with her outfits...

The gloves and shoes are cool, but I haven't been able to find any shoes that look like hers that aren't 40 dollars. Who pays that much for a pair of heels that you will wear once?!

And then, while I was searching, I found a whole post about Effie and The Capitol's fashions. So, here it is, from THE EVERYDAY SHINE Called "Post Apocalyptic Fashion."

Post Apocalyptic Fashion 
Long time no post :( Well, no worries, I'm gonna make it up to you guys. Today we are talking about two things I love: Fashion and The Hunger Games. I am gonna start by saying that if you have not watched this movie, it's highly time to do so. A few week before the movie came out, back in march, I was already hyperventilating with excitement. One of my biggest curiosities was the way Lionsgate was going to portray the Capitol citizens. After watching the movie, I can say it was simply perfect. They managed to capture the essence of what is described in the book : shallowness, color, opulence and circus. Exactly what Suzanne Collins has described. I was pleasantly surprised how faithful the producers were to the descriptions in the book.

The first time we see Effie she appears as a shocking contrast to the citizens of district eleven. Her purple purple outfit, combined like this looks over the top, but if you'd split it to pieces, well, that could be a whole different story. I, personally, LOVE the blazer. It's oversized and puffy shoulder remind me of baroque dresses I used to love when I was a child.

This outfit is my favorite from Effie's entire closet. Even though it's beautiful, it is too much, so a few alterations are in need. If it were up to me, I'd separate the upper part, just below the belt, from the skirt, add a pair of black skinny pants, and voila, an outfit you can actually wear.

"Divide and conquer" I think this saying fits the Capitol Fashion perfectly. Each and every outfit consists of some exquisite pieces of clothing which are literally breathtaking if they would stand alone. If taken separately, they look like snatched from the runways of London, Paris and New York. Well, there are quite a few designers whose creations have a bit of a Capitol air to them. So, in order to achieve that exaggerated Capitol look, it is enough to overlay two or three items, add some eccentric hair, put some shocking make-up on and there you have it: a complete Circus.

And because I did not want to be entirely mean towards the Capitol, I chose Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane's outfit as a positive example. The beard, the only different thing about his appearance, a beard which Wes Bentley brilliantly sports, goes rather well with the somewhat ordinary costume that he is wearing.
He radiates elegance and it's an outfit I would love to see on someone in real life.

Overall, I loved the Capitol fashion, meaning I loved its portrayal. I would have loved to see more of Katniss's prep team, Venia, Flavius and Octavia as they are rather fascinatingly described:
Venia: "a woman with aqua hair and gold tattoos above her eyebrows"
Flavius: " He gives his orange corkscrew locks a shake and applies a fresh coat of purple lipstick to his mouth."
Octavia:"a plump woman whose entire body has been dyed a pale shade of pea green"

So, this is it for today. I hope I made you at least a bit curious about the movie if you haven't seen it already, or maybe even a bit curious about the book.Let me know if you ended up wandering through it's pages.
That was her post. I thought it was cool because all of the pictures were there in one post!

I should have more when I find more Catching Fire pictures. This post has been delayed because of the rich content and the internet problems...BUT NOW IT IS HERE!!



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