Thursday, October 3, 2013

#MONTHOF10 Post 2.

  I'll make my intro short. I have 10 images of the tenth Doctor ready to post. Some days we'll have funny ones, sometimes we will have serious, fact-filled ones. I might just post pictures with no words. Yay!  OH I HAVE GIFs TOO!! I just remembered that....~Smiles wide and scary like~

These are some that my sister sent to me. A lot of the stuff she sends me ends up on here...

I have seen a lot of other pictures where they have him with cookies. I don't really know why, for they have never been mentioned before. I have seen this episode (OMgosh it was funny) and he was actually trying to get the alien, and he had a steak in his hand. 

This is TOTALLY my reaction to that song. Ugh. Thank you, Doctor.

I saw this one the other day too! I was all freaking out and like, "Hey! HEY! It's....he's.....HAH THAT'S BRILLIANT!" Hehe xD

It's a little blurry...

I love David Tennant <3

Gahh. I just wanted to post this cuz it is just too darn cute. Haters and judger-s can just keep scooting. :D 

<3 <3

Hah. I literally say this every day. This was a pretty cool episode. Anthony Head was in it. I freaked out then, only because I recognized him. And he is a pretty good actor. In the one after this episode, Angel Colby was in it. Now we are just waiting for Colin Morgan! That will make an excellent Merlin/Doctor Who post. Except, I cannot do one without Bradley James...and I don't know if he was in any of Doctor Who.

This was from the same episode I was referring too a second ago. It was called, "School Reunion," I believe. Oh, when I get to college, I am so getting up there and saying that. And anyone who gets my reference will be my best friend. xD

Love this. The shoes, the expression and the fact that he simply walked on top of the seats and then stood there.

So now, I must go. I love this BTW. :D 

I cannot wait for next Tuesday!


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  1. Awesome pictures! I giggled at several of these (the 'Geeks have died of excitement' one in particular). *sigh* This fandom will make a Whovian out of me yet...

    In Pace Christi,