Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Random Hobbit Stills.

  What did I do when I finished school today? I looked through a book I got from the library called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Chronicles, Creatures and Characters. I discovered that it is the second book because the first one is Art and Design. 

 It is just a really, really cool book. I love art books and concept books and this one was amazing. There is so much information packed into these things. The things you can learn out of books like that! I didn't know that all the hair/beards/wigs was made out of actual hair! Of course, looking back, synthetic hair wouldn't look real. You have to use real hair to make hair look real. Yeah. ~facepalm~ Took me that long to figure it out.

 Anyway, there was a picture of Frodo Baggins that I thought was really neat, so I put my DVD into my computer in hopes of finding the screenshot and saving it to my computer. As it turned out, I watched the scene twice, and the picture that was in the book was not a screen-shot. It looked too good to just be a shot anyway. Someone must have taken it on set. I can't find it on Google so I can't show it to anyone. Oh, now I am sad.

 But! After that, I started taking random screenshots of the movie. I started from the beginning and just randomly paused it. Although, I will admit, there was a scene or two that I played it until I got a clearer shot. I don't like it when the images are blurry! So, without further hesitation, I bring you, my screenies. xD

 There. Honestly, my favorites are the last one, and the one of Bilbo when he was wearing the ring. I don't know exactly what that would be..."Ring wearing mode"? I don't know. Everything is like in the middle of two parallel universes. He must be in the void...

 I am now going to come to a abrupt stop so I can make another post. :D 



  1. Beautiful, beautiful screenshots. I don't have the patience (most of the time) so sit there and wait for them. I get frustrated enough as it is trying to get enough to make my occasional memes!

    Oh, and I have both those WETA books. They are awesome. XD So much great information in them. Cannot wait for the next one to come out!

    In Pace Christi,


  2. Thank you! I thought they turned out really good. As I have said before, the colors in those movies ARE AMAZING to take screen shots of. I love taking them. I use the snip tool, however, and that can get frustrating at times. :D

    Really? That's awesome. I would love to get one of those books. I love seeing how everything came together!