Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#MONTHOF10 Tuesday, #4

 Hey everyone, I am back! See? And I have brought gifs! Gifs! Yay!

 I had been bog-slacking and I guess I could blame school and library books and Doctor Who...yeah, my argument is getting nowhere...


HAH! This was amazing. I love Donna. She questions everything and her attitude is GREAT. Here, she asked him what made him in charge...or something along the lines of that. Saw that episode last night, I did. It was Volcano Day. 9 had warned them about going there on Volcano day. Did they listen?

One of my favorite Doctor/Donna moments :)

This was awesome. It was a little hard to keep up with what they were saying, but I did it, nevertheless. And when I find this clip on the internet, I will post it. I know, it's not a gif, but it was funny, and I have just started Series 4 and I can relate now. :D

So, I may have more pictures than gifs...well, another day with the gifs I suppose...

Ten :) #DoctorWho

I am going to post this and not care what anyone thinks. Hah. Because I love it. :)

Oh dear...

Yeah. That was awesome. Apparently he's not the only one with a sonic-device...I am so thick sometimes...

This is my favorite.

Don't know what the face is about...*lol* but this is funny because there have been two more of my favorite actors that have turned 42 this year...I think it's funny how all of them are like, twice, three times my age. But, I am still able to fangirl over them...And in my defense, half of them act like they are 6! Oh, these goofballs.

Now, I don't think David Tennant was ever Arthur Dent...but he did wear his pajamas for an entire episode once, and he said he was very much like Arthur Dent. Then I'm like, "OH NAW WAY? YOU MET HIM?" Then I was like, but he's a fictional character....headcannon. Yeah.

Then you flip out because you have read the book and you know whats going on. I am going to read those books again because, gosh, they are confusing the first time around.

Yeah. SO. When explaining this to parents... :)


Okay...I am going to go back to my room and cry now.

here is a good pic. of the doc. overreacting

THE COOKIES!!! (See, here is another with I want one. Geez.)

SO, that is it for #MONTHOFTEN.

I don't know why I use hashtags. They are only good on Twitter...

Have an awesome day!


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  1. These were made of concentrated awesomeness. XD I especially like the one with the kitten (post 'em, post 'em! I won't say anything XD) and the gif about Doctor Who being a 'totally serious show'. Lol.

    In Pace Christi,