Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thor: The Dark World. But More to The Point...Loki!

 Hey ya'll. I know I have been super super Blog lazy since Friday, and I missed out on my Doctor Who post on Tuesday, but I will make up for it next Tuesday with a huge post. That is, if I can find enough material for it...So yeah, there will be a huge post.

 Anyway! I have been on IMDB. First off, Happy Birthday to Angela Lansbury who is 88 today! I remember her most in Bed-knobs and Broomsticks. I watched that often as a child. :)

 Secondly,  and more to the point, there was a video up on the site called, "Loki's Return." I watched it, and MAN OH MAN am I pumped for that movie! OH. GLOB. this. And you will also--and I am going to say this like Starfire--feel these feels.

Then, I have an awesome picture of Tom Hiddleston.


Thor's hammer, in  rock. Like Merlin and the sword in the stone....SO IT IS MAGICAL!!!!  MAGICAL HAMMER!!!! YAY!

Okay, there is a Toy Story special on the telly so I must go watch that.

I will be back on Tuesday.



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