Tuesday, October 8, 2013

#Monthof10 Post 3.

Hey everyone! So, as you can probably tell, I changed my blog up a little bit! I have tried to update the look of it every year or so, and the last time I changed it was sometime in October. So, it was about time I changed it for the upcoming year. The blog went from original green, to blue, to light brown. I don't know...I like it. What do ya'll think? ^.^

 Anyway! I didn't come here to blab on and on about my blog, no! It is Tuesday! And that means! 5 NEW TENTH DOCTOR RELATED THINGS!!! Then! we will have 5 MORE on Thursday! Yay!

 Here we go!


Oh my gosh, I laugh hysterically whenever I see something like this. He was all excited with the hopes that he may have been Ginger, and when he asked Rose (I can't remember the exact words) she said something like, "No. It's just sort of...brownish." He was SO disappointed . :) My favorite part of the episode where Ten came in was when he was listing off a bunch of personality traits and wondering which ones he had. He came to the conclusion that he was "Not Ginger AND Rude." And he had asked Rose on...two occasions if what he did was rude. :)

Always turn it into a compliment

 First episode of Doctor Who I saw was the Christmas special that introduced Donna for the first time. And even though Martha came after that, we got Donna again in the fourth series. :) I absolutely love her attitude. Oh gosh.

On the 50th anniversary show...

Ohhhhhh Kuzco.


I am not ashamed to say yes. Yes it is. :)

He makes the best faces!

HAHAHA YES!!! I was hoping that I would find a thing that had every single face he made!!! HAH!!! Oh, Timelords have very stretchy faces....I love this more than I should....I think.

 And that does it for today. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Because I did....~cheeky smile~

Have a goodnight everyone.



  1. Ahahahaha! Loved these pictures!!! XD The one with the facial expressions was hilarious!!

    The new layout for your blog looks quite nice. Was the German of the pages intentional, or just a happy accident? :) I like it, even if I find that font hideously difficult to read. Ah, well.

    In Pace Christi,


    1. Me tooo! I cannot believe how amazingly funny the Tenth Doctor is. Oh man. I can't not look at him act and not smile like, this big, *holds out arms to show how big I smile*

      Thank you very much! It needed a little brightening up...And no, I didn't realize it was German. Honestly, it just looked cool. Old and cool.