Friday, July 6, 2012

The Daily Double--100th post!

 I just KNEW that my hours of screaming 'JOHNNY DEPP!!!' at the tv at the top of my lungs would pay off. I got an an answer right last night on Jeopardy! But it was an easy question. I seriously don't yell at the telly...I was just kicking this off with something silly. Hah.

   And now for the.....

Fairly Odd Parents? Yeah. SURE.

So, I hope that you're Fourth Of July week/weekend went well. Its so blasted hot here. Excuse my language, but if I said bloody, I would sound to much like a pirate. Today I am not a pirate. That was a yesterday thing.

Catch the Duets last night? On ABC? Apparently Kelly is blonde. Oh, Demi preformed this morning on Good Morning America and she is blonde too! And I wonder why I am not blonde as well. LOL. I think Kelly looks nice blonde...

100th!! POST! 
I found this yesterday and it was wonderful :')

I can't wait until Hunter tours on his own. Opening for Carrie Underwood is awesome though...

That's about it. I went to the library again and got a bunch of Beverly Lewis books. I am currently reading an Amish fiction called 'Paradise Valley' by Dale Cramer. It's good so far. Being around modern day Amish, the stories--even if they are fiction--that take place in 1922 are really neat.


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