Monday, July 30, 2012

Don't stop believin'--Journey.

 Hello blogging world,

  I was so tempted to download that song this morning. Singing in my head. "Don't stop believing!" At the top of my lungs. Instead, I got Blown Away, by Carrie Underwood. I heard the beginning of it yesterday on the radio. And last evening, I saw the trailer for the music video, and I was, as they say, Blown Away. I seriously got chills. It was that cool!

 My weekend, ever since Thursday, was a loooong one. Sadly enough, it all ends tomorrow. A couple long-lost Aunts and Uncles came out. We had our family reunion. My sister and I made 135 cupcakes because 200 was too much last year...I learned that I can recognize Dustin Hoffman by just seeing his forehead and hair...Dustin Hoffman is awesome.

 Anyway, I also learned that I can draw a chibi Naruto. And that I cannot do a good chibi Kakashi. Master Guy is as weird as Rock Lee, and I really don't like them? Yeah.  See here? Hehe.

Respect laws please.

I have a lot to do on the Baked Goodies page. There is a whole bunch of new recipes and and pictures for Cupcakes that I need to put up.

Two days ago I helped Seven To Seven Seamstress at a local market. It was fun. I won a silent auction. When I get the picture loaded to my puter, I will post it. Also, I bought a fairy necklace. It's really really pretty. I will get that here as soon as I can as well.


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