Sunday, July 15, 2012

My fate was changed because I was BRAVE.

    Yesterday my Dad took some of the family to the theaters to see Disney/Pixar's Brave. That was my first time in a movie theater, so it was very exciting. It was a lot bigger and quieter than I thought it would be. We had to walk through a few halls that were completely covered with carpeting. It was dark except for some lights here and there. I felt like I was in NCIS, on my way to go get questioned for something I didn't do. ;)

  As for BRAVE...It was AMAZING! The animation was awesome. The music was awesome. Merida's HAIR was AWESOME! The wet hair and wet fabric was awesome. The story was good. The fighting sequences were a lot more intense then what I am used to seeing from Pixar. But it was enjoyable and I have to admit that I did jump a couple times during the bears' kerfuffle. Everything was very enjoyable. There where only like 2 parts that were kinda awkward for reasons I would rather not um...I had heard that the humor was much like Dreamworks. And it was...Pixar OUTDID itself on Brave. The scenery, animation, characters, everything. Loved it and I would TOTALLY recommend it. Good family movie. I think that I will end up getting the DVD and memorizing every line WITH the accents. ♥

  We tried to come up with a moral to the story. Came up with, "Don't trust a witch," and, "Don't turn you mum into a bear." 

 Afterwards we went and had Linner, or Lupper, or Dunch or Dupper, or whatever you call Lunch/Dinner, at Pizza Hut. That was--as far as I can remember--my first time there as well! The pizza was really good. And the setting was all brick and black and white checkered table clothes. Very classy.

 All in all, it was a very good day. Near the end of it I got gut-rot on Whoppers. Those things are like seriously addicting. The malted stuff inside makes them very filling.

 Well, there are CHRISTMAS movies on the Hallmark channel which is awesome...and I need to do research on the history of Idaho...That should be fun. Heh.

 Have a good, muggy, weekend.


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