Friday, July 20, 2012

Bored. Honestly.

 It is almost 10pm. It's not unusual that I am not asleep by now. I guess I am like one of those masked night-creatures...Oh yeah, Raccoons.

 Today I went to the library-gosh, I love that place--and I got two more books from Tamera Alexander. I had recently finished Beyond this Moment. Wonderful, extremely wonderful. I loved it. The Sheriff was my favorite character. Heh... Honestly I didn't think that I would find an author that I liked as much as I like Karen Witemeyer. But Tamera is GREAT! I love these books.

 On the topic of books, I was actually thinking about starting a book blog. Where I can post my thoughts about the books I read. Maybe that's a fall project..

  A few interesting things I found this week. The OVER music video, and the new trailer for Disney's new movie 'OZ'--which by the way, looks COMPLETELY amazing! The producers are the same from Alice in Wonderland. It has been made pretty clear that I LOVED that movie--I can't wait to see OZ.

  Here are Blake and Oz...
  I was watching the trailer, with a quizzical mind-set. (If that makes any sense.) I had seen that actor before. Turns out, after brain wracking and finally Googling it, I learned that the actor is James Franco   I only really know him from The Spider-Man movies as Harry Osbourn. Which, I think is cool because he could be Harry OZbourn..THE GREAT AND POWERFUL! That's me being..ADORKABLE. (Heard that term on Jeopardy! and I said, "That's me!" LOL.)  I am glad that they decided to go with another actor and not Johnny Depp. I have NO problem with Johhny, but I think it would seem too...Mad Hatter-y? It's good to give others a shot.

 The side of his face reminded me of Micheal Keaton though. But then again, everyone reminds me of Micheal Keaton. That and Jim-Bob Walton. Everyone remind me of both. Either really...Which reminds me, looking through things to watch on tv, I clicked by the SYFY channel and instantly yelled Micheal's name. It was him in the end. It's pretty easy to recognize him after watching Jack Frost every Christmas...The movie was called 'White Noise'--or something to that affect--I didn't stick around though, I wish I did. It looked...creepily cool.

  I didn't expect this to go on as long as it did. I have dug through yet another Naruto Manga...Awesome stuff. Kakashi gets cooler and cooler, and more strange, every time I see him. I though my favorite character was Sai...Hummm.....

 Goodnight to those in the BLOGOSHPERE!

 You'r now tired-of-typing, book reading, movie watching, anime reading,


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