Sunday, July 22, 2012


 I am easily impressed...But I have the patience of a dead snail. Which isn't much... I guess my "Fail Wail" was so loud that a guy on a bike outside turned to um...wonder what it was... Ehe...I am sorry guy-on-the bike...I have been trying to find a video of Hatake Kakashi's English dubbed voice. I heard him say three things in the one video I did find. It was some clip and Guy all over reacted when Kakashi didn't hear what he said. I have read the 4 first Naruto Mangas and Kakashi is my favorite character by far. So I was trying to see if the voices in the anime work with his character. I couldn't really hear the Japanese voice since it goes so fast...I think what I did hear of the dubbed one worked for him. I absolutely adore his attitude. That's why he's my favorite.

 Of course Sai is still basically my favorite from Shippuden. But now I have 2 favorite characters. I also now know why when you find a Chibi picture of Gaara, there is a heart on his head instead of his tattoo. The tattoo means 'love.' I love this manga/anime stuff. TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY.

 I guess I am going to go see who wins the Next Food Network Star. I am pretty sure that is is the last one. Martita is gone so I really have no reason to watch it...But if I had to choose one to win, it would be Yvan. Ye...

~Natsu. ♥

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