Monday, December 17, 2012

Something I thought was funny.

 For some reason, I found myself reading this children's book. It was some sort of comic book that included the Muppets. I guess that's why I said, "Give it here, lemme read it."

 I was just flipping through pages because there where so many words...And I found this here:
I laughed my bloody guts out...Call me crazy. I don't understand what happened, but this "all-mime production of 'Death of a Salesman'" was extremely enjoyable. Thumbs up. Heh.
On a less strange note, turns out, we did win something from the Ginger-Bread house contest. THIRD prize in our category!! I was so so so surprised that we actually won something! Huh. I guess they couldn't resist the Mystery Machine. LOL.
Today I had some Peanut Brittle...Goooood. Very sweet.

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