Monday, December 3, 2012

Dragons and Christmas Lights.

Recently I was able to see Dreamwork's How to Train your Dragon when it premiered on the FX channel the day after Thanksgiving. 

 It was actually really, really good! I hadn’t expected to it to be as good as it was. I had however, heard some things about it. Like it was a lot like Brave and all this stuff. But to me, it really wasn’t like Brave at all!

 The only things that I thought were similar would have been Hiccup’s father design and the point that they did have the accents...But other than that, I got nothing.

All in all, it was amazing. I liked the story, and the humor was good. The character design was awesome when it came to Toothless, ( Toothless was SO INCREDIBLY CUTE!) and they picked the perfect actor for Hiccup. He would be Jay Baruchel.

 Jay was on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, (a movie that I had seen before Dragons...I was watching it and thinking, “Oh man, he sounds so familiar…Kind of like Hiccup from the Dragon show. (However, I had only seen commercials for the Cartoon Network series, that’s the only way I really knew the voice. Does that make sense? ;) ) That sentence kind of drifted away into its own creation. Moving on…

  The reason that this all came to mind is first, I wanted to post about it anyway because it was so cool, and second, because last night I began reading a book called Eragon.

Eragon so far, reminded me of How to Train your Dragon. I think it was because he had found a dragon egg and was keeping it a secret. Much like Hiccup did…But Eragon is so cool so far. More to come, more to come…

 Anyway! Now for the light portion of this…Heh. (Hope I have the right video here.)

 I am kind of actually really excited about this up and coming holiday! Christmas! And to top of the Christmas music the minute Thanksgiving is over, we have Christmas lights!

 My favorite part would have to be the glowing green cactus…There are some parts where it is just blinking alone. One day I am going to do this with my Christmas lights...It will be stupendous…

 Well. Other than that, we have moved on to Season 1, volume 2 of Naruto. In the Manga, however, we are somewhere in the middle of book 33. It has been cool, if not cooler, than the first part of Naruto. But that’s all I talk about these days…That or I am obsessing over writing Dialogue…


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