Saturday, December 8, 2012

10:17 pm...*WHY?*


This has been an unbelievably long, exhausting day. Working most of the day, and then babysitting the rest of the day. Was there an upside? Yes! I saw the music video for Somebody's Heartbreak by Hunter Hayes just a couple minutes earlier. Yeah, so that will do it for today I guess...But I won't go on about that today.

 What I really wanted to scream to the world was that I got The Art of Brave from the library earlier this week! And I bloody love it. I have never actually been inside of an Art book besides the Art of Howl's Moving Castle--which was awesome by the way--and needless to say, I was amazed!

 From what I understand, it seems as though they actually started Brave in 2006. After Cars... if I remember correctly...I honestly did not know that it took that long! But then again, there is a lot that goes into those movies. The pictures from the Research Trip were amazing, if I might add...Totally a book that I would recommend.

 I have been seeing recently that Finding Nemo is now on DVD. I remember when that came out on VHS back a couple years ago. ~Insert chuckle~ My family got it for Christmas and we watched it countless times. Back when you could actually buy VHS tapes at the store. I really don't know for sure if you can't nowadays, but I haven't seen any. Unless you count thrift stores...but I don't think so...I just thought it was interesting...


I have decided that I need a kitten. That has been an idea for quite a while...We'll see. Tee hee.

Goodnight world. I need a sandwich because I skipped dinner.
I know. I complain and complain. Again, Tee Hee.


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