Thursday, April 11, 2013

Apparently it is Thursday ^.^

Okkaayyyy, so I should be looking for a topic to do my Research Paper on...but I thought, I'll just take a second to blog. (Don't tell anyone, it's a secret! ~wink~)

 Anyway, I've bit a bit confused with my week as you could tell by the post title. I thought it was Tuesday or something...My computer has troubles changing the dates and times so that it constantly messing up...I don't know why it does that, but it has since I bought it. Curious.

 There is this blog I follow called "Clueless Freshman." It's probably--no--it is my favorite blog that I am currently following. I do enjoy "Big Screen Animation" though. I am such an animation freak...Anyway, back to the topic. She posts the most fantastical pictures! (Some are just plain hilarious...Like this one--I laughed so hard at it, for some reason. Heh. I still am.)

It's not my work, but I found it on her blog. Hehe. Love it. Had to share.

 A lot of them are from things like Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit...(Which I watched on Sunday and LOVED the heck out of it...more to come on that I believe ^.^) Some are Harry Potter and the like. I read it all the time. So here, if you wanna check it out, is the link. I hope she doesn't mind that I mentioned it. I think she'd like to know that I love her blog. Heh.

 Then there is the problem of other funny things that my sister sends to me...

Like this:

I laughed ridiculously hard at this one. I guess its that funny or I am easy to make laugh. LOL
This one only makes sense if you know who Uther is...He is Arthur's dad--the king--on BBC's Merlin.  A show I have mentioned...lots and lots of times...But it's not on the telly anymore...not until May...When SYFY announced that it wouldn't be back till May and "you are now watching Robot Combat League," I basically died. My sister fell from the chair and looked like this:

'Nuff said. We weren't happy that day..Two months ago..
Alright, I gotta go, I still haven't found a topic...Wish me luck!



  1. D'aaaawwwww... You mentioned my blog! Yay! *virtual hug* That's so sweet of you!

    I just find it amazing that people actually pay my blog any attention, so the fact that it's your favorite means a lot to me. Thanks! :)

    In Pace Christi,


    1. Elyse,

      You're very welcome! ~returns virtual hug~ :)

      I too find it amazing...And it's like, "SOMEONE VIEWED MY BLOG! YES!"

      ~Natsu ^.^