Monday, April 8, 2013

Movies and the Like.


 First things first.
I know that the trailer for the movie "Epic" has been around, so I won't post that. But there was somethings that I wanted to compare it too. I don't have a reason to know for sure whether this movie is like these others at all. I haven't seen it yet. I don't think it's even out. So....

The first movie that came to mind when I saw the trailer was "Arthur and the Invisibles." A movie that came out in 2006. (Same year as Pixar's Cars, yay. Heh.)

"Ten-year-old Arthur, in a bid to save his grandfather's house from being demolished, goes looking for some much-fabled hidden treasure in the land of the Minimoys, a tiny people living in harmony with nature."
Arthur and the Invisibles Movie Poster

I think what really reminded me off it was the first-name singers that are in each movie. Madonna is in Arthur and Beyonce is in Epic...But that's only one of the reasons...I actually liked this movie when I saw it. Granted, it was years ago and I was younger. I haven't seen it since then. Huh.

The next one that came to mind was Fern Gully. A film from 1992...
"The magical inhabitants of a rainforest called FernGully fight to save their home that is threatened by logging and a polluting force of destruction called Hexxus."

Okay, so I didn't really like this one. I guess I am not that into "go-green" movies. Plus, I think this one was going more for a children-like audience. 

Then there is Tinker Bell. (2008)

"Enter the magical world of fairies and meet the enchanting creatures of Pixie Hollow, who "nurture nature" and bring about the change of the seasons. Changing the colors of the leaves, moving a sunbeam to melt snow, waking animals from their winter slumber, or giving a patch of sproutlings a sprinkle of water are all within the realm of these seasonal specialists. Tinker Bell thinks her fairy talent as a "tinker" isn't as special or important as the other fairies' talents. But when Tink tries to change who she is, she creates nothing but disaster! With encouragement from her friends Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn and Iridessa, Tink learns the key to solving her problems lies in her unique tinker abilities and discovers that when she's true to herself, magical things can happen."
Tinker Bell (2008) Poster

I guess this one came to mind only because they are small...

Anyway, then there is The Secret World of Arrietty.
"The Clock family are four-inch-tall people who live anonymously in another family's residence, borrowing simple items to make their home. Life changes for the Clocks when their daughter, Arrietty, is discovered."
The Secret World of Arrietty (2010) Poster

Again....I think only because of the smallness...

Wow. I have such good reasons...

Yes, yes.

I am done now.


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