Thursday, April 4, 2013


Now I will explain why.

 Remember that Christmas movie that came out in 2004 about a train going to the North Pole? The Polar Express? Ya know that since I saw that movie, it has been my FAVORITE Christmas movie? And that the song at the end, "Believe" is my favorite Christmas song of all time?

Well, today, I got an epic face-palm while looking at one of Josh Groban's albums that I got from the Library recently...It was "Live at The Greek" I believe. While I was reading the back to see what songs were on it, it said something to the effect of "and a special performance of Believe." And I am like, "Could it be? Could it be that song from The Polar Express?"


So, now I know why I like that song so much. I love it because I loved the words, and whoever sung it did an amazing job. Now I know who sung it...Josh Groban. *YAY* (mutter mutter mutter--FIGURES--mutter mutter mutter)

And that is why, I am such an idiot. I should have known it was him. I should have known. But alas...Dummy Me.

Take a look, you'll thank me later. Heh.


Have a great evening.

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