Monday, April 29, 2013

I win. I knew it was Ori.

 So, I noticed while taking screenshots from The Hobbit, that that movie has excellent colors! I mean, there are browns and golden colors and all sorts of blues and I can't remember the rest, but I know that they were beautiful.

 A lot of movies that I have taken screenshots from do not have color like this one. I couldn't believe how well the shots came out. I mean, look at these!

This one I actually took a couple months ago. From the first Lord of the Rings. I loved the green so much I took a screenshot of it. The colors of The Shire are amazing!

Radagast the Brown, I believe that is his name. It may not look the way on different screens like it does on my screen...but the greens in the background are incredible! Look at the blue orb in his staff! ~shrill cry~ AWESOME. 

I like Radagast. He's cool. He is totally like me. In the sense that I prefer animals over human companionship. But I have no magical it would seem. That, or I just haven't unlocked my TRUE POTENTIAL!! Oh dear, I went a little "Ninjago" there...

But I do have magical powers. As of now. I just need to unlock them.
That's right.

Then there are two here of Galadriel. (I am quite sure that is her name.)  I can't express how much respect I have for her...
But they did turn out really well. The blues and purples and the like. They turned out beautifully. 

But I believe that I said something about Ori, and I have neglected that up until now.

I took screenshots with the captions on. If you watch the beginning scene when the Dwarves raid Bilbo's pantry with the captions on, there are a bunch of funny things that the dwarves say to each other in the background. 

Here is what I came up with.

Anyway, this is what I was talking about. 

And then there was this thing I found on Pinterest moments ago. It fit the theme.

Yeah. I think that the cardigan and the mittens really made him better. :) My mom knits, so, of course I am asking her to make me some of the mittens...

That would make them "knittens."
That was a joke.
A play on words.

I crochet and don't really have an interest in knitting. I don't do that much crochet as it is either...
One of my favorite parts is when Bilbo makes the comment about how it's not a dishcloth, it's a doily. And how it's supposed to have holes in it, it's crochet. Then Bofur makes the comment about how it's a wonderful game...or something like that. ~facepalm~ Hilarious.

I honestly repeat that line about how it's not a dish cloth--towel, one of the two--every day. It's CROCHET.

I think it was Bofur. Oh dear. I swear I will get them all in line one day. Hehe.

One more thing before I go.
I found these places: Hobbit name generator-- and Elvish name generator--

So as a result of that, my Hobbit name is Daisy Foxburr of Loamsdown, and my Elven name is Idril Helyanwë. I think the Elvish one is pretty...and I may start going by that in real life. Once I can pronounce it correctly. I think it's pretty basic. Id-ril, like "lid-shrill." Something like that.

Unless it's Idril, like "eye-drill."
Or nothing like that altogether.
I still like it.
Daisy is a cute name, however.
Meh, we'll see.

Happy almost the end of April.
I shall return.



  1. Ooh, lots of pretty pictures! :)

    I like Radagast, too. I can't see why the critics hated him, when I think he's just the epitome of crazy awesome. His bunny sled rocks. And he offers to divert a whole pack of wargs for Thorin's Company. How brave is that?

    LEGO NINJAGO??!! You know about it? Augh, that's amazing! I love Ninjago! The game on was my favorite two years ago when it came out. Kai's my favorite ninja, of course... I always like the fire people...

    Ah, yes, I do the dishcloth/doily thing every day when I do dishes, as well. (Also, every time I wash a knife, I have to start that song: "Blunt the knives, bend the forks...")

    Bilbo: "Excuse me! That is a doily, not a dishcloth."

    Bofur: "But it's full of holes."

    Bilbo: "It's supposed to look like that. It's crochet."

    Bofur: "Oh, and a very fun game it is, too, if you've got the balls for it."

    My sister crochets/knits/whatever some, but I apparently do not have that talent.

    I tried a name generator once, but I can't remember what it gave me... Huh. I've always said "eye-drill", but I have no idea if that's correct or not. It's the name of a character in The Silmarillion. She was the paternal grandmother of Elrond. The sword that belonged to her, Hadhafang, is used by Arwen in The Fellowship of the Ring.

    Yes, I am such a nerd. Sorry. Posts like this just make me so happy, though.

    In Pace Christi,


  2. Elyse--

    Thank you! I thought they turned out very nicely!

    I know! I do think I read something online that said that everyone didn't like Radagst. I thought he was epic! I mean, a sled, pulled by rabbits? HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THAT? I just thought he was terribly funny and...I believe the word would be quirky... :)

    Yes, I know about Ninjago. And I do watch it. My little brothers watch it and they taught me the way of it and now I am basically hooked. I don't think they are making any new ones though. That's utterly depressing...Zane is my favorite character. I like his attitude. And when I found out that he was a robot, well, that made him even better! I do/don't like Dereth (I think that is how his name is spelled). He owns a Dojo...It's kind of a love-hate thing. Sometimes I think he's ridiculous, and then I think he's just amazing! But Zane is my overall favorite.

    "That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!" I love that song. I was in the eye-doctors waiting room when I read the song lyrics in the book. I thought it was amazing! I enjoyed watching it the movie--I like the look on Bilbo's face when they started throwing his Fine China in the air...Classic.

    That's the scene I was referring too! I was just too lazy to actually find the quotes and the copy _and_ then paste them. Haha.

    I have learned so much about many things in just that one comment! Thank you Elyse! I however, have been saying Idris like "lid". I don't know, either way it sounds pretty. :)

    Don't worry about it, you are in good company. I am also a many things. And that is why I write these kinds of posts;because they make me happy. And when I find other posts just chocked full of awesome things...well... :D

    I hope to talk to you again.