Saturday, April 13, 2013


Well, today, I joined Pinterest. I had thought about it for a long time...and I am not very fond of social media...but I did end up doing it. Yay me.


The first thing I need to do is follow a board that either is about Legolas new favorites...Fili and Kili...
These dudes.

As of, oh I don't know, when Bilbo opened his door, these two became my favorite Dwarves. I think Thorin is amazing...All of them are great. They made The Hobbit so much fun! Now, I can't tell you all of their names  by heart--not yet anyway--but I basically adore them all!

 Watching the "blogs" on the special features of The Hobbit DVD is pure fun! I am only at the...5th one? I think...It's so awesome to watch them because I love watching how they make the movies, and the actors are fun to watch when they are not in costume...You learn so much!

I guess this turned out to be my post about that movie.
Oh, well, quick review...

Now I won't have to say anything more about it, because that sentence sums the whole movie up. Yay.

Now, I just need a walk-through for Pinterest. Because, I am very much...confused. Heh.

Until I can figure it out...


  1. Join the company! Fili & Kili are my favorites, too, ever since I read the book and they were the young, cheerful Dwarves. They (and Thorin and Balin and Dwalin and Oin and Gloin and Dori and Nori and Ori and Bifur and Bofur and Bombur) were really given justice in the movie.

    And the actors are all awesome. :)

    In Pace Christi,


    1. Elyse,

      I think everyone did awesome in the movie. Actors, animators, down to the last size double and coffee maker! I was watching the bonus blogs on the DVD and I couldn't believe how many people were actually there...And they all had accents! (I know, lame reason...Heh.)

      It's kinda funny, the day I started the book was the day I bought the movie...So I didn't get very far into it. I liked how all the dwarves just came on in and hung their capes onto the hooks. Bilbo's attitude was like, "might as well! The rest of your family is here!"