Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Simply Horrible.

 So, who cares if I spam my Pinterest feed with pics of Josh Groban??!! That guy is AMAZING! His voice is AMAZING.

 And if anyone is going to the show in Pittsburgh Nov. 2nd....take me with you...


 I found this one...I don't know who the guy in the front is, but Josh is in the back. Seriously. Those glasses...could this be any cuter??!?!?

"Josh at the London production of Matilda."

Heh. I am such a fangirl, but I love those glasses. I had some like that earlier this year.

Gosh these adorable people.

Don't make me post a pic of Adian and Dean that I found. The adorable meter would go....

Now, I must bow out.  I don't need to spam my blog with pictures too..


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