Thursday, July 4, 2013

All Things Classical-Vocal-Phantom-YEAH

As I have previously mentioned (I think) I am unable to watch videos during the day. Due to this, I can use the internet freely from 2am to 7am. Today, I was able to be woken up by my kitty (I don't know how he woke me up, the poor baby was sleeping) around 4:30. So I thought, hey, why not get on Youtube and look at as many music videos as I possibly could? That's what I did. Only this time, I have some sort of theme to this post.

"They're more like guidelines anyway."

Nothing like quoting Pirates of The Caribbean before a good Phantom post!!

Now, I am doing this post because, because of my love of Classical vocals and because I have listened to The Phantom of The Opera soundtrack all the way through the 2 dics (this is from the movie version) about every night for the past two weeks. I do a lot of late night writing...So, that keeps me awake. OH THE GLORIOUS REASONS!! 

"All I Ask of You." A performance by Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman. This was something I saw weeks and weeks back but have never gotten to getting it on here. I think that Josh sung it better than any Raoul ever...Yeah♥ I have just recently been getting into Sarah Brightman's music...She is pretty good! I have listened to her older albums and I haven't quite gotten to her newer ones...and I haven't really listened to many women Classical singers, but I like Sarah! I think "Gothica/Fleurs du Mal" might be my absolute favorite. Which I might post when I get the time. :)

Another Josh Groban performance. This one is "Music of The Night." I thought he did it amazingly...This was the first time I had heard him do it. His eyes get really big on two parts--fun to watch. Some of the comments said that this was better than Gerard Butler's version. I have listened to the song quite a few times and I have to say, yes. Josh did this very well...The really powerful note ( I think it was "Where you long to be!") was something that Gerard couldn't do completely. I still think Gerard made a wonderful Phantom. His acting and emotions were great. So, don't think I am hating on anyone!! Everyone gets equal amount--okay so that may not be completely true--of love!!


This is Sarah and a guy called Antonio Banderas. I have never heard Antonio sing until this video. I actually haven't heard of him before now...It was a good performance and I was sitting here wondering, is she gonna hit that high note at the end? The videos is almost she gonna hit it? Will she nail it? Well, to my surprise, she did hit it! It was good!! I think that that Phantom is not a role for Antonio because he has more of a Spanish...? vibe about him. I think it's Spanish...I don't know. It was all very dramatic. xD

That's it I believe. If I find anymore, I will try to get them on here!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!!


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