Monday, July 22, 2013

A Quick One--Birthdays/Horses/Notes

 I have to be quick because the Internet could go out at any second. The thing is, I just needed to post about a couple things.

One of these things being...I WAS RIGHT.

 The thing there is I am not usually right about normal things like well, any school/smart related things. But when it comes to movies/actors/singers/books and songs, well, I am pretty good at that.

 For instance, this evening, I watched War Horse with my sisters. Long story short, THAT MOVIE WAS AMAZING!!! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I would have cried if I was not forcing myself not to. Anyway, there was a soldier in this movie and he looked awful familiar. So I sit and watch for a while and wait for a close up. After a few moments of a mental war and mumbling to myself in a psychotic manner, I come to the realization that this army guy looks like Benedict Cumberbatch. I don't know this for sure at the time, so I just rattle the idea off at my sister. She later goes and looks it up and...I WAS RIGGGGGGHT!!!! Of course, he was kind of blonde-ish and had a very strange mustache, so it was a little hard to tell him from the pics you see when his hair is brown.....BLAH.....I was pretty happy. I even stayed until the credits to see if I was right. (Yes, I am that shallow.) The only problem with this whole thing is that early on in the movie, he was taken captive by the Germans and we saw no more of him.

Tom Hiddleston was also in the credits. It was a familiar name to see then because I had looked up "Muppets Most Wanted" and found that he was in it. Turns out, (and this will sound lame to some) he plays Loki in the Avengers and Thor and such. So yeah, that was a great discovery.

 Speaking of Cumberbatch, and Birthdays, (it is in the title for a reason, yes) now that I think of it, it was his Birthday the other day. So, since I wasn't able to blog that day, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to Mr. Cumberbatch. He is 37. I seriously thought he was older than that...Just shows to go ya how I need to be on the Internet more...

 And the other HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! goes to my favorite game show host, Alex Trebek! Host of Jeopardy! Today, he is 73!

It's strange that one is 37, and the other is 73. IT IS FATE! DESTINY!!!


 Today is also Willem Dafoe's birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLEM!!! I recognize him today because he voiced my favorite character from Tales From Earthsea, the Ghibli film. That was an awesome movie, I don't know why people dis Miyazaki's son's films...My favorite character is Lord Cob. I loved loved loved (and yes, I will say it three times just like Eloise's Nanny. Hehe) Cob's voice was...*brace yourselves* AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I get the time, I will post a video. That is, if I can find a video.

I still need to get those Earthsea books. They sit on the library shelves. Taunting me. Tempting me. Even though I KNOW that they KNOW I have too much to read at home...little devils they are...

 I did spend some time reading Eloise in Paris today. I forced my little sister into getting it at the library because I wanted to read it so bad. It was pretty good...she has her own little language and there is no puncuation in the whole book...I liked it :)

Don't judge me. I read little kid books. SO? THAT IS GOOD FOR THE MIND RIGHT? HEALTHY EVEN!

 Yes. Sure. That post was "quick."

I must go now.

I was notified that I had made 2 Tangled references. I am fabulous.




  1. Don't feel bad. I point out Tom Hiddleston to my sister all the time and she NEVER realizes who that is (i.e., Loki). Her attention is all on Jeremy Renner, lol.

    If you haven't seen it already, you seriously need to look up the Sherlock ComicCon video. Benedict Cumberbatch is freaking hilarious in it. XD

    In Pace Christi,


  2. Which video would that be? I am looking for it now but I cannot seem to find it anywhere...