Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Update on my Life? Sure.

 Hello Blogging world,

It's been a while since we last spoke. Not a very long while, but still, a while. I guess I have had nothing interesting to post. I have been working on a picture filled post, but it takes time to come up with those! So it's going to...take some time to finish!

But I will give a simple (hopefully not rant-filled) update on my life!

It doesn't stop raining. It rains and rains and the garden had been so swamped, I am not sure if anything will grow. My flower garden is doing good though. So that's a plus. My Cosmos are getting really big. I had originally thought that they were 3 inches tall, so I planted them in the front. (I was trying to plant the big ones in the back and then go down so that the smaller ones were in the front.) But then my brother pointed it out that they were actually 3 feet. So now, the BIGGEST flowers are in the front...And I am pretty sure I planted Morning Glories. Unbeknownst to me that they take over gardens. Oops..

We finished Robin Hood. It was hard watching the last episode because ROBIN AND GUY DIIIIIIEEEEEED!!!!! Alan died too...along with the Sheriff (who we thought was dead but really wasn't!) and Guy's sister, Isabella. The end was sad. It was just like Merlin. Kill off the cool long haired dude (which would be Gwaine/Guy in that sense) and then the main character! (Which would probably be Arthur/Robin--even thought Merlin was more of the main...) Long story short, we are going to give Doctor Who a try! It seems like it is a pretty good show...and all we can do is watch and see if it is for ourselves!


Fili sits on my chest all night with his kitten paws and stares down at me. I don't want to sleep because he is watching me and then I can't open my eyes or blink because he will bat at them with his kitten paws. It's cute...but not at two-thirty in the morning, an hour after you have fallen asleep. Then his brother decides that its so much fun to make loud noises at four-thirty in the morning. I am not complaining, they're stinking adorable! ♥

I have figured out a quick way to get through my ever-so-thick Pinterest feed...

I wrote a note to a friend I haven't talked to in a year...


Watched movies.
Read books.
Wrote books.
Read more books.
AND then...

I took some naps.

That is about it...I think. I spend a lot of time flipping through the Art of The Lord of The Rings and the Art of Star Wars episode 3. That stuff is amazing. Stupidly amazing.

I think I shall post some pictures.
I shall return--


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