Saturday, July 13, 2013

Random Notes While Watching a Movie

So, my little brother wanted to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. He has never seen it before, and that status still remains because he fell asleep before we even hit the seven minute mark. Then the other child that was in the room was asleep by the ten minute mark. I, however, stayed till the bitter end (which was around midnight since we started at eight) and enjoyed every moment of it. So that makes three times I have watched it all the way through.

Anyway, I had a piece of printer paper and I was scratching down notes with a random (and a rather sticky) pencil. I actually filled the whole paper and then the back. I am going to post them without editing them! Hah! It was dark so I don’t know if the spelling will even be right…Maybe I will edit the spelling and then I will probably explain some situations. Because, you know, when you write down notes, you are basically the only one who will understand them later. And sometimes, I don’t even understand what they meant and then I get angry because I wasn't clearer with my chicken scratches.

Here we go!


Jed Brophy (Nori) was the first to burp during the dinner scene.

Fili was the first to throw the plate.

(Get screen of Kili being adorable.) Kili!!

Dwalin (Tattoo) moved the plate of cookies. [That happened when Gandalf went to lay out the map on the table.]

Bilbo’s feet were wrapped when drinking tea after fainting.

They [the dwarves] left the house as clean as it was before.

[Balin] winked at Bilbo (pony).

The look on Radagast’s face when the hedgehog died.

The look on Bilbo’s face when he’s contemplating owl hoots.

[We paused the movie for a moment and discussed Benedict's Cumberbatch's voice. (We originally started talking about the Necromancer for some reason.)

The conversation went like this:

Me: I heard Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be in the next movie.

Sis: Oh yeah. ~laughs~ He'll get to work with Watson.

Me: Yeah.

~seconds of sitting there after we both sigh because we are exhausted from talking~

Me: Benedict's voice is really cool.

Sis: Yeah.

(We had never heard him talk until we listened to a couple moments of "Ode to a Nightingale" on the internet somewhere.)

Me: It's really deep and

Sister looks at me.

We both start to laugh.]


Kili was the first to attempt to save Bilbo from the trolls.

Bofur was the first to slide down into cave. [When they were running away from the orc pack.]

Son of Thrain-Thror- Thorin

Bofur was the first to ask [where] Bilbo was.

Nori looked back and saw Bilbo. [When he was being taken away by goblins (?)]

Nori’s crazy hair. [Seriously thought, it rocks. It’s shaped like a star. It’s a rock star…aHawah]

F and K [Fili and Kili] were the first to run in and help B [Bilbo]D was right behind them. [I don’t remember what D stood for…probably Dwalin…]

“I wish you all the luck in the world.”

PAGE 2**

“Even good stories need embellishment.”

Misty Mountain at the end is EPIC.

Drawing of a key. [This was a reference to Captain Jack Sparrow and I was going to make some kind of picture out of it or something…Because Thorin had a key…I don’t know.]

“You know nothing of the world.”


Hobbit Tartare and Dwarves, a little butter, a little salt. [This was my sister, she walked in when Bilbo was suggesting ways to season the Dwarves.]

“He’s been lost since he left home.” ~Thorin

That is the end of the paper. At the bottom of the second part, there was this weird drawing I did…I don’t know what or who it is exactly…



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