Monday, December 16, 2013

Chapter 3- A Short Rest.

 Aye, Good Afternoon everyone! My computer has been off for the weekend and I just turned it back on. My Blog list here on Blogger is working again, which is awesome, and it seems as though Elyse has been bleeding rainbows or something like that...♥

Anyway, I have two things that I wanted to go over.

First, does anyone who peeks at this blog on Tuesdays and Bank Holidays use a site called, tumblr? I find that they have amazing gifs, and the people there are so incredibly clever and funny. But then I am not sure if there are also bad things on there...I suppose it depends on who you follow and whatnot. (Yes Mum, I know, I shouldn't say whatnot. :)) I wouldn't be able to do it in the daytime because of the bandwidth thing...but, I would like to join for the awesome gifs.

But what I really want to know is this: Is it safe? Like, it isn't some kind of scam website or anything and will give your computer viruses and stuff. I'll Google that later, I guess...

Second, I am going to start a secondary blog. It will follow mostly Cosplay and awesome plushie tutorials I find online. (I am going to seriously start cosplaying in the new year.) It's a work in progress. I might call it, "Pudge Controls the Weather." You know, like Pudge from Lilo and Stitch? YEAH!

Hehe. This little guy with the sandwich in his mouth. :D

Anyway, that about covers everything.

I am on Chapter 3 of The Hobbit book...I am REALLY enjoying it. Like, I knew that I would like it, but I didn't know I would be enjoying it as much as I am. Hehe. I'll go on about that more later.



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  1. I've recently joined the dark side (a.k.a., Tumblr) and can say that some parts of it (i.e., the fandoms) can be very scary or mostly harmless. It depends on whose blog you're looking at. And, yes, there are a lot of gifs. But I wouldn't consider it a scam website. My antivirus software objects to more than it does to Tumblr.

    So, to sum it up, if you can stand 80% of it being bad language and some extremely scary shipping (words can't describe what some of those people do), you can find the sections that aren't so bad.

    And as for 'whatnot', it's a good word, so use it. XD

    In Pace Christi,