Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Saw DoS Last Night....OH THE FEELS.

(I wrote this last night after I came home. I don't have any pictures to help me out because the bandwidths are low. So no loading of anything for me. I shall, however, load this place with pictures later in the new year. Yay. Here we go.)

Wow. Just, wow. There are so many feels that I don’t know how I am going to express them all without appearing like a crazed, fangirling lunatic. But hey, I don’t want to hide the truth. Hah. I will make this as sane as I possibly can.

First off, wow. Just wow. That was an amazing movie. Wow. I can’t think straight.

Bilbo Baggins. Aw man. He is just awesome. I am trying to decide if he turned out better than Frodo. Except Frodo has a sweet, little, hobbit-sized place in my heart, so I guess I could never really say who is better. But Wow. Just wow. His character has really developed. And I love how you can visually see how the ring is effecting him. It is working a little bit slower than with Frodo, but when the word “Precious” was used, he kind of freaked out.

The Dwarves. AH! They are just an adorable bunch. I noticed how Nori’s star-shaped hair never stayed neat for long…Thorin is just amazing. Like, please don’t get me started. He was perfectly majestic in the first film, and wow. IT JUST GETS BETTER. He seemed a bit different from the first time around, but I can’t put my finger on how he was different. Something to do with the gold…and I wonder if Dwarves are really greedy creatures…Hmm. We didn’t get to see much of Fili though. I missed him! I think he may have only said seven things throughout the entire movie. He said his brother’s name four out of those seven words. I do love how he cares for Kili though… J

OH MY GOSH, KILI!! Oh man, when I saw the arrow go into his leg, I almost gasped. But when he jumped into the barrel and snapped it completely off, even the dude besides me gasped. Mostly everyone in the theater gasped. I love how Tauriel went after him. Ugh. I ship those two so badly now. Going in to it, I really thought she would end up with Legolas—I guess he did too—but I like her much better with Kili. I loved the part where he thought that her being there was just a dream.

“Do you think she could have loved me?” Man. I love this guy. I cried. I was crying. It was so saddening and sweet at the same time.

Yeah, Kili, I think many, many “shes” could. J

The sad part is, I think I know what his fate is going to be. I DON’T WANT ANY SPOILER UGH. I try so hard to stay off anything that can spoil it for me. So, before school starts again on Tuesday, I am going to read the whole book. Then I will know what happens and can go sit in my dark, musty corner and cry by myself. There.

Wow. Mirkwood. Just wow.

Thranduil. Wow. Just wow. I cannot believe…wow. I knew he was fabulous, but WOW. His voice is much deeper than I thought it would be, but it works for him. Man, I hope we get to see more of him. Wow. He reminds me of Loki in some way, but I don’t quite know what that would be quite yet. Like, just his air, I guess. Give me an hour. I’ll figure it out. Wow.

Legolas. Now, Legolas was cool. He did a lot less trolling in this movie than in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was cool how he seemed younger. His attitude was completely different too. I like the one part when he was in Laketown and the orc actually causes him to bleed. He wipes it off his nose like, “I’m wounded? Since when do I get wounded?” Hehe. He was cool. Dang. So cool. So much cooler than in LotR.

Laketown was cool. Bard and his family were really awesome.

Sorry, can I go back to how fantastic Mirkwood was? Geez.


Dang. Benedict Cumberbatch did a wonderful job. I still can’t get over it. I LOVED Smaug. His attitude was way different than what I expected. And he looked like Ben! Was I the only one that could see it? MAN ALIVE. I would still watch this film even if it was only Smaug. Oh his voice…much wow. The gold was awesome. And when they covered him in gold. That was brilliant. I love how Smaug was questioning Bilbo about Laketown, and I could just see the look in his eyes. It was easy to guess what he was thinking before he announced it.


The worst part of the whole thing was when Bilbo looked up and said, “What have we done?” I knew that the screen would turn black and say, “Directed by Peter Jackson.” And then it was over. And I didn’t stay long enough to hear the rest of the Ed Sheeran song. *frown*


It was SO cool how you could see the fire in Smaug’s chest and neck before it came out his mouth. The CGI was probably the best I have ever seen in any of those movies. I mean…SMAUG. I can’t get over that. Oh noes.

And Radagast. Oh, he’s adorable. ♥

I fear for Gandalf. Heck, I always fear for Gandalf. He left the company and I was all, “WHERE ARE YOU GOING? DON’T LEAVE GANDALF! NOT NOW! BLAAAHHHH YOU’RE GONNA GET YOURSELF KILLED!!”

And then there was Suaron. I knew who it was the second I saw the eye. I said the name the same time Gandalf said it. Yikkkkkkesssssss.

All I need now is to bribe—I mean ask—someone to take me see it again in 3D!! If I can barely handle the big screen with my eyes, then 3D is gonna be epic. I mean, THAT DRAGON. In 3D??

I got home and clicked through the tv channels. Everything else is so insignificant now. I don’t want to watch anything else now.

And I think that may have been better than the first one. The spiders were creepy, and this is a newbie question, but what in the world is up with Thranduil’s face? It went all crazy on him. You know what? Don’t answer that. I want no spoilers. I’ll find out myself. It was probably in the book…I don’t think they would just add something like that if it wasn’t in the book at least a little.

Didn’t Gandalf warn them about crazy stuff that goes on?

I don’t know. I am too tired to remember right now. Again. Give me an hour.

I am so happy/excited right now. I need to wake up one of my friends and have them listen to me for a couple hours. Ugh.

Maybe I will just blast Josh Groban in my ears and fall asleep and try not to think about it. Heheheehahahhahhaahahhah.

[Enter Bilbo Baggin's Nope Gif. I can't find it. Blahhhhhh.]

I love this. I love it all.

I will be back, with more DoS blabbering ons.

*crazy laugh*


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  1. Hahaha, one of the most enthusiastic reviews I've seen in a long while! Yes, the majesty continues. As for Thranduil's scar, opinions differ. It's not book-canon.

    In Pace Christi,