Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday. Nothing more than that. =]

 The heat is almost too much with the added humidity. I can barely type because my I am afraid that my fingers will stick to the keys.

 Now. For a long time I have been considering purchasing a new computer. A laptop. But I have NO experience whatsoever in buying a computer. Sure, I am constantly on one, but I really don't know the good and the bad of computer shopping. Like what I should look for and what is really important in one. Brands, GB, programs, and so on. I have heard that Windows 7 is really good. So I am thinking that I would like to try that...We'll see how this plays out.

  Anyway, I haven't blogged much because nothing has really happened. I finished Avalon High, and even though I thought I would never see it again, Disney's Avalon High was on yesterday evening. The movie is really nothing like the book. Nevertheless, it is a really good movie. The book was really good too. I thought it was very interesting. Warriors: Fading Echos by Erin Hunter, is the next book I have begun to dig into. I absolutely love the Warriors books. ♥

 I can't believe that I am even THINKING this, but I wish it was snowing.


I am kind of excited if it isn't obvious....HEH

Goodnight ya'll. I am sure that I will find something interesting to blog some other day.


PS: Oh, and this is completely awesome. I found it the other day. That set would have been PERFECT for 'Haunted.' But then you wouldn't have been able to see Taylor's 'Haunted' dress. Which is really pretty. Still, really really cool.


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