Friday, June 29, 2012

Jeopardy! And other fancies...

 Have you ever realized that the end of the Jeopardy! theme song sounds kinda like a slowed up version of the 'I'm a Little Teapot' song? Eh, that's what I thought anyway.

I am going to try to keep things on the sunny side around here...Even though some things slowly start to slip away.. But I don't like to talk about sad things. Like Marley and Me. I don't like to talk about it. So I won't. Although if you asked me what the saddest dog movies I have ever seen were, I would have to answer with Marley and Me and Hachi: A dog's tale. If you want to bawl your eyes out at the end of a touching dog movie, any of those would do. Trust me. :)

 Recently, I did see the Wreck it Ralph preview. It was a while back though. I saw it again a little while ago. Ralph seems like one of those characters that is going to be really sweet and quickly becomes the most favored character...But I can't fully understand a character with just seeing a preview. So I will be waiting for the holiday season! :) We'll see how it turns out. The little girl in the trailer reminds me of Agnes on Despicable Me...

 Another Karen Witemeyer book swallowed. And the next quickly going down my mental throat. *Heh*   I finished To Win Her Heart yesterday. Very good. The characters were great. Levi Grant was sweet. Eden was forgiving... I love how she switches the POV of the characters. Have I already said that? Hmmm...Well, it won't kill me to mention it again. A Tailor Made Bride, was started some time this afternoon...More to come. ♥

Well, the rain last night was great to listen too, but it DID NOTHING to help with the heat. So so humid.

I had low cal cereal for dinner...Yeash...THAT REMINDS ME!!! SNAP, CRACKLE, AND POP HAVE A BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGNESS, his name is POW! Awesome right? My Dad mentioned him. So it was and instant, TO THE INTERNET second.

 I gotta go,

Later Days,


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