Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is it only Wednesday?

 My week has been totally weird. I mean, yesterday felt like a Saturday. But it wasn't so we have to continue on with the week.

Yesterday I went to the library and got three more books by Karen Witemeyer. I am reading now, To Win her Heart. It's really good so far. I am still trying to get used to the characters after being comfortable with Meredith, and the Archer clan.

Speaking of clan- Fading Echoes, from the Warriors series, by ERIN HUNTER- was very good. I hate to hear though when something happens to my favorite cats. Mainly Firestar...

 Anyway, the reason I wanted to be here was to post 'Even if it breaks your Heart.' By The Eli Young Band. It has become a habit that every morning I end up turning Froggy on. The first song I heard was this song. And when I learn how to play my guitar* I am going to attempt to master it. :D

Have a good day ^_^


*Being that I will introduce my guitar soon! 

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