Monday, June 25, 2012

Singing Cold Hearted...

Cold Hearted, by The Zac Brown band. Only, I sing it slowly and drawn out- (Ya know, like hanging onto notes longer than you should...) -and a little more um...I don't know. But it is different.

 Okay, so, I have been pondering upon the complexity of Tarrant Hightopp. But that's not why I am here. Not today anyway. I must warn you though, you must only watch this if you are ready to have your whole life changed. To have your POV shattered. 

Night of the Crickets. By Mr.Gnome. HERE... 

As freaky as that is, it is kinda neat.

Oh! And one more thing.

It was on the Wookieepedia...MUCH TO AWESOME NOT TO SHARE :D It is really extremely depressing though. I hate to think about that whole 'losing Padme' thing... :( 

But Darth Vader has to be the bestest character in that whole saga...♥


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